Horry County Board of Education

Facilities Committee

Facilities Committee Agenda
Thursday, August 27, 2015

4:30 PM at the Facilities Building, 1160 E. Highway 501, Conway, SC

As required by SC Law 30-4-80, local news media were informed of the date, time, place, and agenda of this meeting. Copies of the agenda were posted at the District Office and distributed to schools for posting.

1. Welcome - Neil James

2. Introductions - Neil James

3. Review and Approval of Agenda - Neil James

4. Review and Approval of Minutes of June 15, 2015, Meeting - Neil James

5. Discussion

A. Board Approved Facilities Plan - John Gardner

B. Budget Review: Equipment and Furniture

C. NMBM/ME Additions & Renovations IPD Update

D. Consideration of NMBH Delivery Method as IPD

E. New MBM School Site:

1) Update on Meeting with Myrtle Beach City Council on August 11, 2015

2) MBFLC Existing Use Displacements (Fall 2015?) and Options Being Considered

3) Planning for Modifications to Current MBI and MBM (Summer 2017) to Accommodate School Shifts

F. Loris Education Center

G. Socastee High Track Renovations

H. Discussion of Ongoing Facility Inspections

I. Removal of Wall-Mount TVs District Wide

J. Facilities Building Roof Update

K. Potential Capital Changes:

1) HCS’ Library for Technical Specifications

2) Proposed Addition of a "Guidelines" Section to Our Current Educational Specifications

6. Adjournment

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